Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dynamic Thought

So the book I just referred to is titled Dynamic Thought. I just found a new edition of it on  The new edition is titled:  Dynamic Thought or the Law of Vibrant Energy by William Walker Atkinson.  What a wonderful book. It was my first introduction into new age philosophy. The book was first published in 1906.  I remember giving my copy to my son and maybe he still has it in with his books. That is one thing I hope to bring back down to Mexico with me when I take my trip up north this summer. It changed my life at the time.  I think I could use it again, for an attitude adjustment and tune up.....


  1. OOOOOOH! You're coming north again this summer? Yea! Your room is all ready for you and the car has been working great lately! I will look forward to spending a little time with you...

    ps: that nasty poster was simply an ignorant schmuck. glad you ignored it & had a good laugh about it!

    signed: still cold in PDX...

  2. Hi Gayle, Thank you for writing and for the generous offer. You will have to talk Marie into it. She has been fixing up her spare room for me for months... She would be very disappointed if I didn't stay with her the entire time. I won't be as long there as I was last summer. Your friend, P

  3. Jeez I hope we're not going to go thru that debate again?! As always - it's your call. Mi casa es tu casa - when, whenever & whatever you decide.

  4. Hi Gayle, Thank you. I appreciate your offer. Your friend, Patricia