Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting the INAPAM Card

Stacey showing off her INAPAM Card
My friend Stacey and I went to Chapala the other day and got our INAPAM cards. That is the national Senior Citizen's card. You have to be 60 and over to get it. We already got our DIF cards which are the senior cards for this State only, Jalisco. The DIF and the INAPAM cards allow us to ride on all the buses for half price.  We can get into the San Juan Cosala Spa for half price and other places have discounts too. Unfortunately, they were out of the booklets that told us those places. Maybe we will just show the cards around and see what happens. Restaurants, drug stores, etc. Can't hurt. All they can do is say no.

It was very difficult to get the INAPAM card because they were out of it for months. It is good all over Mexico. So now I can take a trip on the luxury buses to anywhere in Mexico for half price. If only I could walk without pain, I would take trip.

The rules are always changing about what you need for these cards. But here are some of them: (You have to have two copies of each thing. One for the State and one for the National Card.) Two small photos, front view,  Copies of the first page of your passport, your blood type, copy of your FM 3 or FM2, Copy of a recent phone or electric bill at your address with your name on it, Your phone number, The phone number and name and address of a friend.

These cards are free. The office is in Chapala and you have to get there around eight thirty in the morning and sign in. The woman comes in at nine thirty and only gives out a limited number of cards each day. It is open on Mondays and Tuesdays..... I met a man who had made ten trips there in order to finally get both cards. If you don't have everything, they send you away. GOOD LUCK.... Stacey and I were both surprised and happy that we finally got the INAPAM Card. They were sending people away right and left. We celebrated by having lunch in the plaza in Chapala.

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