Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Morning in My Neighborhood

Ticket takers for the soccer game
Arbor over the driveway where I live
Jacaranda Tree and yard filled with Jacaranda flowers
Jacaranda Tree
Street near my house
Stand for the soccer game
Another stand for the soccer game
I was out early and the street hadn't gotten crowded yet with cars parking for the soccer games. The games are always on Sundays and it gets exciting and noisy up there during the games. Many of the yards and sidewalks have turned that beautiful purple/blue from the Jacaranda trees shedding their flowers. It is beautiful.


  1. Do you know how many churches are in town?

  2. Hi G. David, I don't know off the top of my head but I wrote an article about the local churches for Check it out. It has all kinds of information about them in it. I am writing under my middle name, Evelyn. I am not sure how you get to that specific article once you get to the site, maybe try to punch in blog. It may come up that way. Just explore the site. You will find it along with many more interesting and informative articles. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,

    I read this article a week ago and it's not very comforting. How are you doing over there?

    Take care,

  4. Hi Haidi, Thank you for your concern. I read the article. Very interesting. But you can see, my neighborhood is very peaceful. We haven't had any more violence here for several months. I am hoping it is over now..... Patricia