Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Behind the Scenes Again

This evening I removed the photos of myself that I had put on the blog. For almost four years now I have been writing regularly on this blog and I have received hundreds of wonderful comments. I have met many interesting and loving people because of this blog. It has been a source of great enjoyment to me. I have usually kept my own photos off the posts because I am a shy person and also have problems with self esteem. But finally I put some photos of me on it, thinking that if people could see my face in a photo then they would recognize me on the street and maybe approach me and want to be friends.

I have made myself extremely vulnerable on this blog, writing personal things, my fears and worries and tragedies. And I have also received a great outpouring of love from strangers. And many of those strangers have become friends. But this evening someone saw my photos and sent me a comment that was so insulting that I will not post it. It was filled with vile sexual insults that were very upsetting to me.  It made me take a second look into this openness that I have cultivated on the blog. It made me  think that I should protect my privacy more. What if that crazy person saw me on the street and then approached me and said similar things to me in person? Or some other sick person, someone who would see me as a target just because I was visible from this blog? Vulnerable......

I hate to give that one person any power at all over what I do, but on the other hand, maybe I need to step back and be more cautious. I like to think that everyone is trustworthy and has good intentions but now I see that I was wrong. Some people just want to hurt others and they will lash out at anyone.  So, I took my photos off and won't put any more of me back on again......  It is better to be cautious than sorry.


  1. Dear Friend ~ I just read ur post of today, & I am so sorry this has happened. I am shocked & saddened that someone has hurt you like this. Of ur past posts that I've read (& I did go back aways), it seems to me that U have hit the right mark of being open enough to give an interesting, personal account of ur experiences & impressions without being naive or unsafe. These days, there seems to be more & more creepy jerks who can't control their weird, anti-social impulses. We can only hope this person is losing some sleep over knowing that he is a misfit. I believe -- & I hope U do, too -- that there are WAY-WAY-WAY MORE beautiful, kind, & loving people everywhere in our wide world than the other kind. They surround us, every day, Patricia. Here & everywhere... You have my number & email if U need to vent. I'll be up till midnite or so. The time we spent together the other day was the highlight of my week. Blessings, Carolina

  2. Hi Carolina, Thank you for your lovely e mail. I appreciate your kind words. Hope to see you tomorrow at the market. Maybe we can have lunch together at the Boston Deli. Your friend, Patricia

  3. I am sorry that some jerk was offensive and hurt your feelings. You just never know why some people want to be so hurtful to total strangers. I live in an apartment in California, there are only 21 apartments. Most of the people I see and talk to in the elevator are very nice - BUT - regularly there is trash strewn, laundry room trashed - harsh words written on the public bulletin board. It is hard to know what makes these strange people so angry. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and seeing all the photos of the area, and reading your version of life there. My husband & I are coming for a month starting mid-May. If I see you on the street, or in the market, I will introduce myself. Please spend some times with friends tomorrow and don't let this one nut-job spoil your outlook.
    Take are.

  4. Oh my. I, too, am so sorry this happened. Sad, too, is that it is no longer surprising that there is this kind of sickness in the world - where people actually take time to reach out and knowingly harm another. So sad. Their lives have to be awful.

    Meanwhile there are gorgeous, open souls like you, who embrace all, and SHINE your Light on the rest of us. And you do shine, Patricia. You simply glow. I found you several months ago, and went back and read every post from the beginning. I am so thankful for you, and what you share - and from the moment I found you I saw your beauty - inside and out. If you don't see it (outside) my dearest - you simply need a new mirror.

    Please shake off the awful comment - bless them, release them, and let them go. Your life is grand on so many levels - and theirs is just sorry all round.

    Keep on doing what you do - you are a true gift in this world.

    Hugs to you,


    P.S. If this posts twice, I apologize. I've found sometimes my comments here don't post, and I want to be sure this one does.

  5. Hi Pat, thank you for your comment. Last night I was thinking about all of this and wondering why I thought my little blog was immune to all the crazy mean stuff that people do to each other. I was living in a cloud. Reality isn't always nice. As you said, people do things for no reason except rage and many times they do them when they think they can't get caught. Thank you for writing. Patricia

  6. Hi Barbara, Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. You have no idea of how much these words mean to me. I woke up feeling kind of down today. I feel much better now. Thank you. Patricia

  7. Patricia;
    I so enjoy your blog and your perspective on life in Mexico....it takes one person to ruin it for others and i am sorry that u had to read such crap .. I am relocating to Ajijic in September 2011 and look forward to hopefully meeting u.The one thing i dislike about internet is people are so brave behind a screen when otherwise they wouldn't dare say these things to your face. Please continue to share your world I love it....

    In Artistic Solidarity;

    Patricia i am seeking a long term rental for my cat and i...is there anything u can suggest?
    email through my website...

  8. I know it's hard ...but shake it off and never post about it again because they will thrieve on knowing they upset you.
    I am so interested and enjoy your writings and especially the pictures.
    I have been best friends for 8 years with a young Mexican family from veracruz/Oaxaca. They have lived illegally in US for 10 years and are ready to go back next year. My early retirement plan is to live mostly with them in Mexico with return visits to US to visit my grown children and granddaughter. I will be in a non-tourist non-expat location and actually living "with" a Mexcian family. I have not found any writings about this situation except Rolly's blog and it sounds like he is much more self-sufficient than I will be.
    Anyway...keep up your intresting blog I like it.
    Linda in Indiana

  9. Hi Rhonda. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate that. Contact me before you come down and I may know of a place for you but check out on my blog under favorite links, Ajijic Rentals. Beautiful huge apartments in the heart of Ajijic. Great bargain. Thank you. Patricia

  10. HI Linda, Sounds like a wonderful plan. I don't know of any blogs like that. You are right about that jerk, doesn't deserve any more of my time or energy. Thank you for writing. Patricia

    SUSIE H.

  12. Hi Susie H. from Florida. Thank you for the blessings. I appreciate you reaching out to me.... Patricia

  13. Hi Suzie H. from Florida. Thank you so much for reaching out to me with love and blessings. That means a lot to me. Patricia