Tuesday, April 12, 2011

San Blas, Mexico

Someone wrote to me asking about San Blas. Unfortunately, yahoo spammed the e mail. I found it in the spam file and then wrote back but it didn't get through. I don't even remember the name of the person who wrote to me. Now it is gone. But if you are reading this, I hope you will understand why I didn't answer. I tried.

About San Blas. It is a beautiful beach town located between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. The beach is incredible. Unfortunately, there are the Jejenes. They have kept the town from growing into a resort area. Some people aren't allergic to them and others are terribly allergic. They bite all the time but mostly at sunrise and sunset. So no watching the sunsets at the beach if you are allergic.

There is more information on MexicoGuru.com.....  My friend Pat runs that site and she lives there. She LOVES San Blas and has just built a home there. It is very hot, buggy and humid in the summertime. There aren't many expats living there, probably because of those pesky Jejenes. There are only a couple of good restaurants and their prices are higher than here by the lake. Not much to do in San Blas. But if you are a beach person, you should check it out. I was going to go there this past winter but my broken ankle demanded that I stayed in my chair all winter long. I would much have preferred walking on that beautiful beach.


  1. San Blas sounds interesting; I was wanting to ask about it when I knew you had spent a lot of time there. If one is allergic to the Jejenes, what happens? I've spent some time in Puerta Vallarta & really loved it. I'll have to tell you about it. Warm regards, Carolina

  2. Hi Carolina, Thanks for writing. What happens? Well you get these huge red itchy spots. I mean they itch like crazy. And most people ARE allergic to them. Patricia