Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lunch at the Boston Deli with My Friend Emily

I went to the spa today in San Juan Cosala and on my way home I stopped for lunch at the Boston Deli. Emily was there and we had Gigi's delicious specials. I was telling Emily about my bad experience with the nasty comment on my blog and how upsetting it was for me. She asked me to tell her what was written. Up to that point, I hadn't said the words out loud. They were too shameful. I had just internalized them and felt hurt and violated. But when I said them to her, she laughed. They were so outrageous that they couldn't be taken seriously. And I laughed too. I could just imagine some very confused and angry person writing them and sending them off to me, a total stranger.  I am putting the two photos of me back on here because it is ridiculous to let someone like that control my life in ANY way.  Laughing about this experience with Emily reminds me of jokes where some pervert exposes himself to women and they just point and laugh.  Kind of takes away his power to shock. Thank God for friends, for Emily and everyone who also wrote to me about this matter.  Life is good.

When I was in my early twenties I found an old metaphysical book. I can't remember the title of it now. I just remember the first words that were supposed to be repeated daily. They were: There is no evil. There is only infinite good.      Of course these words are simplistic and corny but they helped me when I said them.   They lifted me up to a higher state of consciousness. And that is a good thing.


  1. I do believe there is evil in the world. But we counter it with the love God has given us. Fear truly is our worst enemy. I am glad to see the photographs are back. They are symbols of triumph.

  2. YAY!!! I am SO glad you reposted your photos and reclaimed your power! You Go Girl!

    The joke in this post reminds me of the time, years ago, when I was going up a huge, wide staircase in an old building, and the only other person was a man coming down on the other side of it. Just before he got to where he'd pass me he took his limp penis out of his trousers and shook it at me. I was startled but not so startled that I was speechless. As I hurried on up the stairs I called to him, "If that was in my pants I'd want it out, too!"

    I was always proud of myself (and never knew where that response came from - I just blurted it out without thinking) and it's made me laugh every time I've told the story since. I often wondered if it gave him pause for ever doing that again. I hope so.

    Kudos to Mimi and to you for sharing the hurt and no longer holding it in. Out in the world where it's exposed, it's easier to see it for what it was - a peek at a pathetic person's life. Sad.

    Meanwhile - Hooray for you! And welcome back.:)


  3. Thank you Steve for your comment. I believe you are right about our fears being our enemies. I feel so much better today after going through all those negative feelings and coming out at the other end above them. Thanks for keeping in touch. Patricia

  4. Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for the story and the laugh. It is wonderful to hear that you thought quickly enough to say that to him. Sounds like you turned something that could have caused you years of angry thoughts into years of laughter. I must remember this lesson the next time I encounter a similar situation. We fight back with humor. Thanks, Patricia

  5. Welcome Back with your pics online Patricia!!!
    great to see u step back into your personal power!!!

    U GO GIRL!!!!

    In Artistic Solidarity;

  6. Thank you Rhonda. I appreciate your encouragement... Yes, it feels good to take back my power. Patricia

  7. I love your pictures, Patricia. I'm so glad you didn't let a hateful person rob the rest of us of your openness and your beauty.

  8. Hi Sarah, Thank you for the compliment and for writing. I really appreciate that. Patricia