Tuesday, February 1, 2011

West Ajijic at Sunset

I was out in West Ajijic and took these photos as the sun was setting.
Curious Dog


  1. I thought of you at the rodeo last night. It is held in Villa Obregon's bull ring. There are no stairs, just the seats. And that makes the steps about twice as high as regular stairs. I wasn't certain how my ankle would do. It oftens gives me incorrect balance hints. But all went well.

  2. nice pictures. i love he one of the pink sky.

    i was thinking about you today and wondering why you hadn't posted in a few days. see, you are missed when you don't write ;-)

    happy groundhog's day!

    teresa in lake stevens

  3. Hi Steve, Thank you for thinking of me and writing. Yes, I am now very aware of stairs. I am getting around but every step still hurts. I am not happy to hear that you still are having problems with your ankle. This process has taken far longer than I had hoped. My friend who helped me after I broke my ankle just wrote that her son broke his ankle too. Now she knows four people who have broken their ankles in the past few months. Not good. Thanks, Patricia

  4. Hi Teresa, Thank you for thinking of me. That is good to know. I have been very busy lately. I just moved to a house sitting job that will take the entire month of Feb. Thanks, Patricia