Saturday, February 19, 2011

Death in Ajijic

A local celebrity died a few days ago. He was a writer. People pass away here all the time but this one hit the community hard because he seemed so healthy and he wasn't that old, at least by this community's demographics. I am guessing that he was in his 60s.  I often saw him around town at the social functions and the writer's group. I didn't know him personally. He was in the IMSS hospital in Guadalajara with some kind of blood disease.

There was a call put out to the community asking for AB Positive blood type. I guess that is rare. My friend called up and offered her blood. She is 65 years old. They refused to take it because they won't take blood from anyone over 60.  I don't know if he died because he didn't get enough blood or if that had anything to do with it but I think it is a shame that they refused to take my friend's blood.

I wrote in the previous post that a very expensive private Mexican health insurance company won't accept anyone over 64 years old.  Are we that worthless when we are over 60? Most expats living here are over 60 and the majority are over 70.   It seems tragic to me that we are so easily discounted.


  1. Oh my, who was the writer? I met one while I was there. Paul Jackson.

  2. Hi Brenda. The writer was Jim Collums. He was 75 but he looked much younger. He was extremely active in this community. Thanks for writing. Patricia