Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday Market and Lunch at Hacienda Ajijic

This man makes delicious fish and shrimp tacos for 10 pesos each
Two of my favorite people at the market

Mural at the Hacienda Ajijic Restaurant
Waiter at the restaurant
I went to the market today. The light was too bright so I couldn't get good photos but I had a good time. My friend and I went to the Hacienda Ajijic for lunch after we shopped. We were the only customers. I guess it was too early in the day. We had two waiters taking care of us. They were very nice and I ate so many chips that I couldn't eat much of the delicious lunch. Nothing new here. Just house sitting and enjoying the beautiful garden where I am staying.


  1. Are you afraid now? because of the recent violence? Do you feel you can drive around safely in your car?

  2. Thank you for writing. I don't own a car. I just walked a few blocks and took the bus into Chapala and then walked a few blocks and took the bus back and walked a few blocks more. No I am not afraid. I feel safe here. Patricia

  3. Well I hope you are right. Because we were planing to live there and we put a deposit on a place. But if you read the warden's warning through the LCS they say the violence is in your backyard. Now the Cartel waged war against the Guadalajara and the Lake Chapala police and had banners over bridges saying to the Mayor to control their police or Jalisco will go down in flames. I wonder why nobody is saying anything about that from Ajijic, even my realtor.

  4. It sounds to me like you are very much afraid. I don't know what to tell you. Each of us has to make our individual decisions about how much danger we can handle. It is dangerous everywhere in the world these days. I don't feel unsafe here. But I would never attempt to give anyone else advice about these things. Thanks, Patricia

  5. Greetings Patricia!

    So much I want to say though this isn't the forum (a comment). However I am SO very thankful to have found your blog! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for writing your truth, sharing your highs, lows, joys, and sorrows.

    I've been planning my move to Mexico for three years now (still a few to go until retirement) and have read countless blogs, information sites, etc. (Unfortunately all my carefully culled info was lost when my last computer died) but nothing, nothing has come close to giving me a truer picture of life there than your writing and photos have. Perhaps because like you, I'll be a single woman in my 60's, doing it alone and on SS.

    BRAVO for being so real (you wrote that someone said you didn't write "deep" enough? Oh my - you most certainly do - and beautifully so!) and for giving me even more reason to come - because of you I feel I have a much more realistic picture of what awaits.

    I'm sorry about your ankle...I hope this finds you well into recovery. I went back and started at the beginning of your blog and read every post in order so I just learned of your injury today when I read the most current post.

    Bless you - you're such a beautiful soul!


  6. Hi Barbara, Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate hearing that my blog is appreciated. If you come down here, please contact me. I will show you around if I am walking better by then. patricia

  7. Patricia:
    I also worry about the safety factor when considering a move or even a visit to Mexico.
    Does the press downplay the violence?
    Do you have local News?

  8. Hi G.David. The press tells us what is going on here. Things are quiet for now. I am not so worried. There is violence all over the world. Patricia