Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Dreaming and IMSS Rumors

I have been hearing through the Gringo Grapevine that the health care system here is having financial problems and they are giving us a hard time about staying on it, IMSS.  I have already experienced the system when I broke my ankle. It wasn't good. I ended up having my operation in a private hospital. So now it is about time for me to renew my IMSS and I am not sure if I will do it or will even be allowed to renew it. I have heard from several Americans that they were refused to be on it. I was lead to believe that if you had any preexisting health condition then you can still use the system but not for that condition. Now I am hearing that if you have any preexisting health condition you can't be on it at all. That means a majority of us.....

One American woman told me she had paid into it for five years and she never used it. She finally went to have the health check up. You have to get a blood test and chest x ray at their clinic. They told her that she had a heart condition and they kicked her off. She went to her own doctor and he said she has a perfectly good heart and he wrote to IMSS telling them that and they ignored his letter. She still is out of the system. This is very bad news. She said she has friends who were kicked out because of slightly elevated blood pressure.  I would be kicked off for sure with my white coat hypertension.

These are only things I have heard from people. That is why I call them rumors. If they are true, I may not renew my 350 dollar a year fee. Why do it if they aren't going to let me use it? Today I spent part of the day looking on the computer at other countries. Day dreaming about where might be better and where they have inexpensive health care. The older I get, the more this is going to be an issue for me. My operation on my ankle cost me 2000 dollars. I can't afford a major medical bill here. Unfortunately, every place I looked online had some unacceptable things for me. Like the bad weather, or the cities being too big, or any number of other disadvantages. I have to think about this problem some more and try to get better information. I know there are a lot of you out there who also have these same concerns as I have and this could be a problem for you too. I will let you know what I find out.

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