Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Expo Artesanal Chapala and the Wednesday Market

My friend Judi is in the front. Casey and Ilona are in the background
I was on my way to the Wednesday market when my friends Ilona and Casey stopped me on the main road and took me with them to the Expo Artesanal Chapala. It is going on until the 13th. It was just setting up this morning but it was fun to see the beautiful things for sale and take photos of the people. After we went to the art show, we went to the Ajijic outdoor market.

This boy fell in love with Amy

Dancers at the Wednesday Market
Dancers at the Wednesday Market
Salesman at the Wednesday Market


  1. Hi Patricia,
    Your picture of the mother, young girl and baby is especially beautiful!
    It looks like the Wed. market is the place to be, but I do feel sad for the boy in the last picture. He doesn't look too happy.

    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for writing again. Yes, he does look unhappy, probably bored and exhausted. It is so much work for them to set up for the market early in the mornings an then sit there all day long. Hard life. Patricia