Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New House Sitting Job

I have moved to a new house sitting job. It lasts the entire month of February. It is a lovely home with a pool. Unfortunately the pool isn't heated. It is less than sixty five degrees. I can't handle water that cold. But it has a beautiful garden and view of the mountains. I have a grapefruit tree in the front yard and have made fresh grapefruit juice. There is also a tangerine tree. Delicious juice too.   There are two sweet dogs. They stay outside. I wish they were inside dogs because a house it too quiet for me without an animal inside. I am in the Marisol area. That is near San Antonio. I haven't spent much time in this area and while I am here I will take photos. It is nice here. Very quiet. Here are two photos of my desk and the view of the yard and the beautiful homes up on the mountain.
I love it here. The yard is beautiful. But I am a little lonely. The only times I get lonely are when I house sit. I can be living in a mansion and feel lonely. It is because Chico isn't keeping me company. Funny how a little street dog can have so much importance to my well being. It just reminds me that souls are a million times more valuable than million dollar houses.....Life always trumps things, even though things may last much longer and life is fleeting....... Things can belong to you for awhile. Souls never belong to you. They are gifts for the moment and only shared with you when they are loved and cherished.

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