Friday, February 18, 2011

Private Health Insurance in Ajijic

I found out some information about private health insurance. Not good. I talked with Jesus Guillermo Mejarad at 045 333 667 0499, If you want to call him. Their age cut off is 64. Their yearly cost is 30000 pesos plus you pay 20000 pesos for each illness per. year.....  He said there is a man who also sells it on Thursdays at LCS and they take people up to 69 but it is just as expensive. looks like I am going to have to stick with IMSS........


  1. When looking for private insurance, I found that all the locally sold insurances were way too expensive for the coverage they provided. So I did an internet search for international health insurance. Out of 15 companies, I found two, incidently from the US, that covered not only hospitalization but all outpatient charges for about $1800US per year with a $500US deductible. And they take people up to 74, if you have been with them for 5 years.

  2. Hi Paty, Very interesting. Would you be willing to share their names? Thanks, Patricia