Friday, February 25, 2011

House Sitting in Ajijic

On Sunday this house sitting job is ending and I return to my casita. I am looking forward to being back home, even though it is cold and has no kitchen. I miss Chico. He almost died last week end.  My landlord was also gone and friends of ours went over to the yard and saw that Chico was sick. They took him  to the vet.  The vet gave him a shot and saved his life. That was very scary. Don't know how I could have handled losing that little squirt. Maybe I would have moved on.  Moved to Ecuador where it is cheaper to live.  But he is okay now. I saw him on Wednesday  when I went to the market. He kept jumping on my lap and standing there while I petted him. I love him so much. It is one of the hard things about house sitting, leaving him.

I don't have any more jobs now for a few weeks so I can spend some time with Chico. Maybe I will be able to take some short walks with him. Transitions are always hard for me. That is why I am not a great traveler. I get very nervous. I am always afraid I am going to leave something behind and usually I do. I am always worried that when the owners return they aren't going to like something I did or didn't do and sometimes that happens too.  But it is a good life. Can't complain about living in beautiful homes with maids and gardeners, computer hook ups and televisions. 

I already have my bags mostly packed. I like to do things in advance. Today I am going to a pig roast out in San Juan Cosala. It is a fund raiser for the Mexican women out there. They run a bakery. The bakery products they make are delicious.  I am going with some women friends. I will take photos. I am sure it will be fun. There is going to be a silent auction of things and coupons my friend Stacey got donated from the local stores and restaurants.  Tomorrow during the day I am going swimming at another friend's house and at night I may go to listen to a Cuban band at La Tasca.  Again, Not a bad life.


  1. Patricia - I am so glad to hear Chico was okay. What was wrong with him and why was he left on his own? Scary! I am a live in petsitter and love it but like you say, it is fun to stay in a nice house with a bit of extravagance but it's always nice to go back home.
    Hope you enjoyed your day out.


  2. Hi Laurie, Thank you for writing and for your concern for Chico. The vet said that maybe he got some bad water. There is a fountain in the yard and sometimes Chico drinks out of it. Maybe that was the problem. Why was he left alone? That question, you would have to ask of my landlord. Chico is his dog. I don't think he will do that again. He was very upset when he came home to find that he almost lost his dog. Thanks, Patricia

  3. Patricia,
    I, too, am so happy Chico is okay! Hope everything went well as you went back to your home sweet home. :-)
    Karen in VA

  4. HI Karen, Thank you for your concern for Chico and for writing. I guess Chico is a world famous dog now. Not that it matters to him. All he cares about to be loved and get good food to eat.... Patricia