Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Part 3 of Morning Thoughts

Man cleaning the pool
This has not been my day. I went to the pool in Christiana park and the man was cleaning it. He wouldn't let me swim. It is supposed to be open everyday except Wednesdays. But now I remember the many times I went there during other days and it was closed. You can't count on it being open... No wonder no one is ever there.

Then I decided to stop by the real estate agency and ask for another agent. I forgot to say that the agent who didn't meet me this morning spoke perfect English. But knowing a language and listening to what someone is saying to you are two different things. Anyway, a nice woman there said, "You wouldn't want to live there."

"Why?" I asked.

"Unless you want to live in a neighborhood of Cholos and drugs." she said.

Not likely. So I went on my way, knowing that my first instinct to say no was right on. This is what you get here for almost thirty thousand American dollars: a falling down, tiny cement house with no yard, in the neighborhood of Cholos and drugs......

One good thing that happened today was the delicious steak lunch at the American Legion.

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