Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Morning Thoughts Part 2

Well, the house buying idea quickly fell through. The agent didn't listen to my instructions and went to another part of Ajijic to get me. Now if he can't even listen to my directions, I certainly don't trust him to be my real estate agent. He wouldn't listen to anything I said.

So I figure this is a sign that the house wasn't for me. The more I thought about it, the stupider it sounded. Why buy when I have a nice place already for very cheap rent? Why go to a neighborhood I don't know and leave my friends and Chico? Why work on another house with my bad back? Why, why why???

I guess I just got caught up in the moment and the idea of owning something here. But I need to remember my old phrase, You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And that place really was a sow's ear.....

 Me and my dumb ideas. But if you want to follow up on this fantasy,  check it out. Look in the Sept issue of the Ojo Del Lago.  It is 385,000 Pesos. Good luck. Maybe that Mexican young man agent would be more likely to listen to you than to me. Especially if you are a man.

Young Mexican men don't take me very seriously. And that would be another major problem as the repair men would mostly be young Mexican men.  If this little glitch made me angry, I can imagine how angry I would become when trying to deal with the repair men on a house like that. So, I guess that agent really did me a favor this morning. He brought me back to my senses and reality. 


  1. Pat,

    If you REALLY are looking for an alternate housing situation, contact Sid at www.chapalaclub.com.

    He is a "buyer's only" realtor. He works for you for free. He gets part of the commision when the transaction takes place. He is a great guy who has lived and worked down there for over 10 years. I will be using Sid myself when we get ready to relocate down there.


    1. Thanks. But I think I have learned my lesson about trying to buy down here. P

  2. Hi Patricia -

    I think sometimes the Universe puts these little "tests" in front of us to re-affirm how good we indeed have it just how and where we are. And I think you "passed" with flying colors! I tell myself much the same sometimes - something I don't need or really want sounds kind of good because I can afford it, yet I don't initially consider all that's involved. Luckily, as in your situation, something happens that brings me to my senses.

    Thank goodness for the Agents of Life That Don't Listen - because they make sure we ultimately do.


    1. Hi Barbara, Thanks for commenting. Very sage advice. P

  3. So true, Barbara. So true. Yet again, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!"


    1. Hi Jim, Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy your feed back. P