Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Morning Thoughts

This morning I am going into Chapala to look at a house for sale. It is a typical Mexican cement block house and it is in bad shape. But if I wanted it, I could afford to buy it. This situation has never come up for me before here because housing is so expensive.

Now that opens up another huge can of worms. Do I really want that kind of responsibility? It needs a LOT of work. I already spent several years remodeling an apartment on my property in the States and that screwed up my back. If I were to get this house, I would have to pay people to do the repairs and that could get very costly. I am going to take lots of photos of the house. It is in a typical Mexican neighborhood, which translates into one word, NOISY.

After seeing the house, I am going to walk over to the Christiana park to see if the pool is okay to swim in and if so, I will spend part of the morning there. No one goes there during the week so I will have that pool to myself.

I am also going to the American Legion for lunch. Today is their steak special. I have never had this special. I am guessing that it is delicious. Then I will stop by Tom's consignment store to see what they have for sale. Maybe I will go to the plaza to take more photos and buy some veggies or a juice drink.

I can see a bit of blue sky already. Yesterday it cleared up and I went to the San Juan Cosala Spa. It was beautiful and for a long time I was the only person in the pool. Can't beat that life. So why am I even considering moving on to another one? Curiosity, I guess..... But you know the  old phrase about curiosity and cats.

By the way, the wild cats have returned to my casita. My landlord won't let me feed them.  He considers them diseased vermin just like rats. I don't feed them. When the choice is to feed the wild cats or get kicked out of my home, I have to be practical here. They come and cry anyway. They are very persistent. So every morning I get a big jolt of guilt as I pass by them.

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