Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Morning Thoughts-- a Rainy Morning in Ajijic

My favorite and only window
View out my front door. Front and only door.

One of Chico's favorite spots

Chico's favorite soft blanket
It is another rainy morning. We had some very loud thunder last night. It scared my friend's cats under her car. Then they refused to come out. Chico doesn't seem to notice the noise or the rain. He runs in and out, rain or not. Then he jumps on my bed with his muddy paws and wet hair and expects to be petted. Of course I do pet him.

Last night I cherished him even more because I knew I wasn't going to have to move away from him. My landlord decided to stay here. Maybe he took pity on me because I have been extremely upset and worried for the past few days. What would I have done without Chico in my life? So for now, I too can stay and spend my days and nights with Chico as my constant companion, wet and muddy or not. I love that little squirt.

If it clears up later on this morning, Chico and I will walk down to the Lake Chapala Society. It is too boring to sit in the casita all day. In the late afternoon, I am going to look at a place for rent in West Ajijic. I was interested yesterday when I thought I was going to have to move. But I will look at it anyway and take photos to put on the blog tomorrow. It sounds like a lovely place; two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lake views. Can't beat that. It is in West Ajijic.

For now, I am sitting at my computer, looking out my one window at the rain and dripping trees--grateful that I don't have to leave my simple home.


  1. Answer to a comment I got today that I am not publishing: Yes, Of course you are right.... Thanks for understanding my situation. P

  2. Enjoyed all the pictures, Patricia! Thanks again! I also get upset every time I think you will lose Chico, if your landlord moves away. Too bad Chico can't choose who he wants to live with. You would win!! Connie

    1. Hi Connie, Thanks for your encouragement. I think it would be a toss up if Chico had to choose. He really loves the landlord too. P

  3. Patricia,
    I'm curious why you don't have your own dog? It seems like Chico spends all him time with you, so it can't be a lack of time? I don't think I could endure the emotional turmoil every time it seemed I would lose a pet I'm attached to. How come you don't have your own?


    1. Hi Jim, Interesting question. My dog of 13 years died just before I could bring her here. I was heartbroken. I swore I wouldn't go through that again. Then I fell in love with Chico. Chico will one day be mine if the landlord dies first. But I also didn't want the responsibility of owning an animal. I wanted to house sit and travel. P