Sunday, September 1, 2013

Morning Thoughts

The weather here is unpredictable. In the mornings it is often overcast and extremely humid. By mid afternoon it might be sunny and nice and by early evening it gets overcast again and then sometimes it rains. The rainy season. The hills are green and things are growing everywhere. The lake is still low. We haven't had enough rain.

I am still getting used to that two hour time change. In the early afternoon I feel like it is time to have my evening meal and start winding down for the night. I don't know how I could manage with bigger time differences. Guess this is another sign of getting older. So many of those unwanted signs these days.  But I am still alive. Bad back and all.

When I came home, I found out that a couple of my acquaintances here had passed away. That was sad. Death is ever present, especially in this community of aging expats. Every time I hear of someone I knew who has passed away, my firsts reaction is thinking back to when I last saw that person. And then, wondering if I had been kind enough to him or her. We never know when it is the last time we will see someone. Towards the end of her life, my mother would say, "That is the last time I will do-------"

Fill in the blanks. That phrase always made me sad. The LAST TIME? Wow but now I have many last times building up. I doubt if I will ever dance again with my bad back and bad ankle. I, for sure, will never water ski again.  Or ride a bike. Too dangerous if I fall on my bad ankle.

I don't want to focus on death here. Or last times. I want more first times......  Before I left Portland, I received yet another advertisement in the mail for prepaid cremation services.  UGH.....  I don't want to think about that now. I want to think about LIFE.   I am so glad to be back home in Mexico.

Last night there was music all around me. It was so nice to open my windows and listen to it until late into the night. Mexico is so full of life...... 


  1. Toss the cremation notices. You will never need the service. That will be someone else's job. For now, dance on that ankle and enjoy yourself. I do. You can never defeat a fear by feeding it.

    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I cremated those notices.... P

  2. Hi Pat.

    I am so glad that you got back safely to your home.

    I agree with "Steve" about cremation notices.
    Toss the darn thing and try to live by moments...

    Life is way too short to not to do that!

    Your friend from far away.

    1. Thank you friend from far away. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. P

  3. The weather here in Oregon is changing and feeling like fall. Thunder and lightening at night and humid during the day. Just imagine how lovely it will be by the time you come back in Nov.

    I would dearly love to take a walk on the malecon and spend some time at your friends home looking out on Lake Chapala. I really enjoyed seeing your photos with your friends and Chico.
    Virginia from Hillsboro,Or.

    1. Hi Virginia, Great to hear from you. The weather here is cold. I forgot about how it can get cold in the rainy season. Gloomy too. See you in November? P