Thursday, September 12, 2013

Morning Thoughts--Rentals

I think most of you know that I also write for my favorite real estate site, This morning I decided to look at their rental listings. Now that I am out of the buying fantasy, I thought I would check out the rentals. I do this from time to time just to keep informed. So I counted up their rentals. Hopefully, I counted right.

From the 100 to 600 dollar a month price range:
Twenty two are already rented. Nineteen are not rented yet. But this is just of today.

From the 600 dollar to 1000 dollar price range:
Thirty four are rented. Twenty four are not rented yet.

From the 1000 dollar to 5000 dollar price range:
Seventeen are rented. Twelve are not rented yet.

From the 5000 dollar to 10,000 price range:
None are listed. I wonder why???

So there you have it. You can see from this list that most of the houses are in the 600 dollar to 1000 dollar price range. And more houses are rented than not rented. We are still in the low season and houses are renting like hot cakes. If you have any plans to come here this winter, you had better get your rental nailed down or else you may be shopping in the higher price ranges.

I have nothing to do with the rentals. I am just a writer. So please don't ask me about rentals. Look on the site. Once again:   You can even get a video walk through of them. It is fun to do that. If a 5,000  to 10,000 dollar a month rental ever comes up here, I will for sure do the video walk through.


  1. I contacted one listing that said "for ladies" and was told it was already rented, but it was never shown as rented. So be aware that most are probably rented because the agent or owner didn't update the listing.

    1. Hi Donna, I think I know that one, not far from my place. Slim pickings out there now. Thanks for that information. P