Sunday, September 22, 2013

Morning Thoughts

Another gloomy morning. Damp and gloomy. But the lake is getting higher. That is a plus. Yesterday I went through my closet to get rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore. The clothes next to the side walls were wet and moldy. Today I have to go to the hardware store and buy those little moisture balls and put them in the closet and all around my casita. They soak up the moisture in the air like magic. I had forgotten them this year and so many of my clothes were ruined.

One thing about having a place close to the lake, this happens more frequently because it is damper down here than at the higher levels. I love walking by the water into town so it is a trade off for me.

I also have no windows facing the lake. That makes it darker in my casita. When I look for another place to live, I will always try to find one with windows facing the lake. More sun. People ask me if it gets cold in the winter here. Yes, sometimes into the 40s at night. And without sunshine in the houses during the day, it is even colder.

Once more, my landlord is thinking of moving. That means I will be looking for another place too. I am crossing my fingers that he will not move.  I have lived here for almost six years. And if he moves, he will take Chico. That would be a big loss for me.

 Maybe when or if the sun comes out this morning, I will take Chico for a walk up to the hardware and grocery stores. I am lucky to have many different stores within walking distance of my casita. I don't want to own or drive a car anymore. I like the exercise and if I had a car, I know I would start driving because it would be easier.  Self discipline is much easier when there are no other choices except to walk.... Or take the bus but then I still have to walk to the bus stop.

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