Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beto's Hotel, Good, Inexpensive Rooms and Apts. in the Heart of Chapala

                               The above restaurant is right across the street from Beto's hotel.

Dale is standing next to the room I lived in for four months when I first came to Chapala. It was great for me because I had a bad knee and could hardly walk. It was just half a block from the plaza. I could limp down there and sit on a park bench and someone would always come by to talk with me. The rooms are only two hundred dollars by the month. The photos are of their two room apartments which are 300 a month. Beto also has weekly and daily rates. You can call Beto for a reservation. He speaks some English. His phone number: 376 765 2797 or cell 333 495 8535. Beto is a good, honest man.


  1. Fine apartment! Especially dark blue flowers on the cover.

    1. Thanks for commenting Iva. I like these little places. I would rent there again if I Lost my place. P

  2. Thanks for the information. Looks like a clean inexpensive place to stay when I come to look around in February. My sister works for American Airlines so the trip may not cost me much.

  3. Hi Tim, Sounds good. Unfortunately, that is in the high season and he may not have any vacancies then. But worth a try. p