Friday, September 27, 2013

Morning Thoughts---Skunks and Scorpions

Scorpion belt buckles. these are real Scorpions.
The weather is starting to get nicer now. More sun. I love walking around in the sunshine. Chico does too. He has had a hard couple of days. Two nights ago, he ran after a skunk in the yard. It was late.  I just got up to let him out the door and went back to bed, not noticing the smell of skunk in the yard.  How do I know that he got skunked? Guess. He came back inside smelling so badly that I kicked him out of my bed and made him sleep on the chaise lounge. He kept rubbing at his nose. Poor guy. It must be much worse for a dog because their noses are so sensitive.

He had to go to the groomer for a bath the next day. He hates that. He knew what was happening and we had to chase him around the yard. Now he is afraid to go outside in the night. I received a little gift from him in the morning in my office area. I have heard that dogs have no memory of what they have done wrong unless it just happened. It is hard to believe this because every time he does this, he acts guilty. I don't even need to say anything to him. He just lowers his head and shakes when he sees that I have been in the room where he has been bad.  I don't blame him. I hate skunks too. Once you are skunked, you never forget it.

Then there are the scorpions. My landlord has a woman friend living here. Two nights ago she found a huge scorpion in her bed. Then two  mornings later, when I was letting Chico out and it was still a little dark, I saw a strange shaped shadow near my foot. I turned on the light and it was a scorpion. It was alive too.

The day before, my place had been sprayed for bugs. I guess that brought the scorpion out of hiding. I killed him with my shoe. Chico and I had walked right past it and I was barefooted. We were lucky that time. Years ago, Chico was stung by a scorpion in his dog house. He never went into it again. I hope he doesn't decide not to go outside at night anymore because of the skunk. We all have long memories when it comes to painful things......

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