Friday, March 25, 2011

My Day Trip to San Luis Soyatlan

I didn't write about my trip to the other side of the lake because I took so long to get the photos on that I was too tired to write. I went over in a car with some friends. It isn't very far.  It is just a few miles past Jocotopec. By car it only takes about forty five minutes from Ajijic to get there.  That area is far more typical of Mexico than this area. My friend from San Blas calls this side of the lake, "Mexico's Disneyland" because it is so unusual here, like a fantasy world.  If you want to live cheaply, then the small towns on the other side of the lake are the way to go. But there are very few expats living there and people don't speak English.

If you look closely at the photos I took, you will see that it is very poor over there. The man we visited with said that he can't even buy better cuts of meat there because people can't afford to buy them. He has to drive to Jocotopec to buy most of his groceries, including the more expensive meats.  It is a much simpler way of life over there. I wish I could live like but I know I can't. I have a tendency to get depressed when I get bored. I need more stimulation. Maybe if I were married and loved my husband deeply and was happy to just spend my days looking at his handsome face, I could do it. But not as a single person. 

It was good enough for Glenn Yarbrough over there. Maybe it had something to do with being so famous and easily recognized. Maybe he wanted to just have a quiet life. I may have said this before but I will say it once again, there are as many ways to live here as there are people to live them.   You are only limited by your imagination.

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