Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guanabana, A New Experience for Me

When a friend left for the States she bought me a gift, a guanabana. I had never tasted it. What a treat. I had half of it for breakfast this morning. It is hard to describe what it tastes like because there are several different flavors. The consistency is like a jack fruit or a very ripe mango. It has black seeds that you don't eat. It is extremely soft and sweet and also there is a bit of sour behind the sweet. It is a strong taste. I have a feeling it is like jack fruit. Either you hate it or you love it or maybe you go from one emotion to another while eating it. It is quite an experience. I thank my friend for getting me to try something new. I often get stuck in ruts.  It is also very filling. 


  1. Hi there- is the picture of the actual fruit you ate,or a stock photo? The reason I ask is because of the blackened skin. I have one and it is black as well.

    Thanks a million!

  2. This is the actual fruit I ate. It was good. Very sweet and soft. Just don't eat those seeds. p