Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beto's Motel in Downtown Chapala

People often ask me about inexpensive rentals in the Lakeside area. I lived in Beto's motel when I first moved here. I was there for four months. It is a great little place to stay. I had a bad knee and couldn't walk far. I could hobble to the plaza from there because it is only half a block from the motel. I loved the excitement of living in the heart of Chapala. If I had to move out of my little casita I would most likely move to Chapala. The rentals are less expensive than they are in Ajijic and I like the excitement of Chapala.  Beto rents his places by the day, week or month. I don't know the daily rate or weekly rate. There are single rooms and two room apartments. The single rooms are around 200 dollars a month and the apartments are around 300 dollars a month. There are several people who live there long term. The back rooms are quieter than the front ones and the rooms on the left side get more light and are warmer. You can call Beto to make reservations. Evenings are the best time. His number is: 376 765 7087.


  1. my, you've been busy posting today. great pix of the market. thanks for the info. on beto's motel, just might be able to use it someday. evelyn is a cutie. enjoy the papaya.

    have a great weekend.

    teresa in lake stevens

  2. HI Teresa, Yes, lots of photos. I really like Beto's Motel.... And I love little Evelyn. Thanks for writing again. Patricia

  3. Hey there; browsing and googling and ran across your page here. So, wondering if you might give us guidance.

    I have previously visited the area, staying in a private home on the golf course (darn I cannot recall the exact name) near Chapala.

    I want to visit again and was enthralled by the market/restaurant area of downtown Chapala and the homes that were along the street near the market/restaurants.

    I intend on revisiting this summer but 1)Would like to stay in a place downtown Chapala and close to the market/restaurants and 2) view some of the properties for sale in the area BUT NOT to exclude looking at other towns, areas and avails in other areas.


    Ray Speckman

  4. Hi Ray, I just sent you a personal e mail. Thanks for writing. P

  5. After spending about 5 years in total days in Chapala,
    made a deposit with Beto for my Jun 12 return. My last
    place was fine except for noisy drunken neighbors. Heard
    Beto does not tolerate loud drunks. My back problems make
    the many benches on Madero a big asset.

    1. You are right about Beto. He likes it quiet. Thanks for commenting. p