Monday, March 28, 2011

The Hot Springs Spa at San Juan Cosala

Monday morning. I woke up early and immediately thought of what I was going to do today. I have been going to the spa at San Juan Cosala a couple of times a week, since I got my DIF card and can now get in for half price, 80 pesos. It is a great place to swim and enjoy the hot mineral water. I am hoping it will help heal my ankle faster.

But I was tired this morning and all of a sudden thinking about walking up to the bus stop and going to the spa felt like I was going to a JOB. Like it was Monday Morning Blues carried over from my working days. Now how in the world did I manage to turn ---going to the spa into going to work?  What could be less like work? Is making myself swim thirty laps a job???? I need to lighten up.  Maybe it is like that book I read on happiness. It said that if you repeat something often it isn't as much fun. Especially if the repetitions are close together in time.  So maybe today I won't go to the spa. What a life......  I don't know how I would manage if I  had to actually work again. If this is Monday Morning Beginning of the Work Week Blues then  I am a very lucky woman. And, if this is my job, what am I going to do on my day off? Work at McDonald's? Oh well, off to work now. Have to get there so I can swim before it gets crowded.


  1. Nice to have choices isn't it? I've been reading through archives and realize we lived in SC at the same time late 60's, 70's and 80's. What a small world. I have a very good friend from SC that lives with her husband and 3 sons in Sayulita for the last 16 years. They are always trying to get me to move down there. I have wondered though what it would be like to live in Ajijic area since it's drier and would make my body (lots of ortho things) feel better. Fun to read your blog.
    Susie H

  2. Hi Suzie, Thank you for writing. If you ever come here to visit, lease look me up. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia ~ Enjoyed ur comments about the Morning Blues. Very interesting. I've got the blues because I must spend time gathering figures for tax prep. We are just dopes sometimes, that's all. This is all part of being human- having the Blues while living in Paradise! Ridiculous, I say! I know I need to branch out & start behaving like I have Paradise sprawled out before me every day of my life! Let's meet for iced tea (or something) one of these days, how 'bout it? ...Beautiful photo of the pool at the spa. Lovely! Blessings, Carolina

  4. Hi Carolina, Thanks for commenting. I try not to beat myself up for my sometimes bad moods. Even though we live in a place that is like paradise most of the time, we are still human with our ups and downs. We aren't angels after all. Just humans. Yes, let's meet. E mail me and we can arrange it. Patricia