Saturday, March 26, 2011

I was at the Lake Chapala Society this morning and met three very interesting people. They are traveling all over the place, from L.A. to Maui, Belize, Spain and Bahamas. I met them because I asked if I could take a photo of the beautiful girl with the cat in her lap. Then I noticed her handsome brother next to her. She told me that she and her brother and father have been traveling all around the world and sometimes their mother takes time off from her work and meets them in various places. What a wonderful education for them.   They are from Conway Arkansas. What beautiful, delightful people. I am putting their blog address on my site. Check it out. 
Katie Hemphill
Ethan Hemphill
Joe Hemphill
Their mother, Rosi, must be a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, I didn't get her photo. She is working in the States at the moment. But with such a beautiful family, she couldn't be anything but beautiful too...... 

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