Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hanging out with the Birds

I went to the Real de Chapala for an evening meal with friends.  I arrived early.  So I had a Margaretta in the bar with the birds... They became very brave, even sitting on the chair opposite me. Okay, I admit that I was feeding them nuts from the bar's snack tray.  I wanted their company.

Later on in the evening I took these sunset photos. I love hanging out at the Real de Chapala. I am going there again tomorrow afternoon to have lunch with different friends and listen to the mariachi musicians. I have a good life, now that I can walk again.  I thought that I would quickly take walking for granted after I was able to do it again but so far this isn't the case. I appreciate every opportunity to walk, even if it has to be short distances for now.


  1. i'm so happy that you're doing so well these days. every time i read your blog i wish i were there. retirement is just under 5 1/2 years for us and then we'll spend some winters in mexico. cute pix of the birds, they are lovely little creatures. beautiful sunset!

    teresa in lake stevens

    p.s. i've never tried a chirimoya-next time i go to mexico i will be sure to experience it. it sounds like something i would like. i actually think it's what cubans call guanabana. if that's the case, i have tried it and liked it. i thought it looked familiar and just realized that's what it might be.

  2. HI Teresa, Thank you for writing again. Hope the kids at school are being nice to you. I had better look up that other word. Maybe I am wrong about the name of that fruit. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Patricia

  3. looked to see if you had commented and for a split second i thought i was nuts. i thought, "she called it chirimoya this morning, didn't she?" then i realized you might have looked it up and found the name to be guanabana after all. glad that was the case. but maybe they do call it chirimoya down there.

    yes, the kids are usually really nice. once in a while i have a tough day, but overall, i love my job.

    take care,


  4. HI Teresa, I changed it after your comment. Maybe it has two names but I decided to go with yours. No, you aren't nuts...You seem very sane to me. Patricia

  5. Great blog :) Mexico is top of my list of countries I want to visit. I'll definitely be reading along!

  6. Hi Swollen Foot, I will check out your blog. thank you for writing. Patricia