Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Boston Deli

I went to the Boston Deli for lunch the other day---again. I love that place. Gigi asked me to take a photo of her and her husband Tony for their daughter in the States. Unfortunately, Tony turned out as a blur. Since I only took one photo, I will put it on anyway. Plus, a photo of her delicious fish lunch. She now makes crab cakes..... I love her food.....   Fish with shrimp on top and crab all the other stuff she piles on the plate. Thank you Gigi.....


  1. Gigi and Tony are awesome! The mashed potatoes are to die for! The carrots are so sweet and delicious! If anyone hasn't tried it need to get there! :)

  2. I Agree 100 percent. Love them and their food. Thanks for writing. Patricia