Friday, March 4, 2011

Evening Beauty in Ajijic

I took a walk with Chico down to the lake yesterday. These are photos of the sunset and my neighborhood. As I was taking the photos I was wondering if I had the capacity to take in all that beauty. I am sure you have had times in your life when just getting through the day took all you had. All you can do is hang on and wait for the hard time to pass. I had many of those days when I was stuck in my chair in the casita with a broken ankle. But it was the opposite feeling last evening. I was almost overwhelmed by the beauty and peace and I felt I wasn't worthy of it, like it was too much for me to comprehend and contain within me. I wanted time to stretch out. Maybe it was one of those transcendent times we all are gifted with to make the hard times easier...... 


  1. Hello Patricia -

    Ah. I am currently experiencing the hard times and hanging on you speak of. In the depths of them it's difficult to realize others feel/have felt the same way, albeit for different reasons. While I don't wish that space on anyone, it helps knowing others have been there and made it through to the other side.

    Your pictures and stories are balm. So soothing. I live vicariously through you and your life, and hope one day to be living a similar one.

    Thank you again for sharing. You're very good medicine.


  2. HI Barbara, Thank you for writing and sharing your feelings with me. I thought my words would ring true for others too. I have been told that the Buddhists believe that All Life is Suffering.... So true.

    And then we have periods of respite and beauty. I send you my prayers for help through your hard times. Your words brought tears to my eyes.... Life is hard sometimes, for all of us...Patricia