Thursday, March 10, 2011

Early Evening at the Real de Chapala Restaurant and the Walk Home

Lobby of the Real de Chapala Hotel
One of my favorite houses in La Floresta
My friend invited me out to an early dinner at the Real de Chapala Hotel and Restaurant. It was a lovely evening and we were the only customers.


  1. Hi, Patricia: I am curious....what is that in the picture of the lake? Is it a pier? Very blue water too. Thanks

  2. Hi Pat, Not sure which photo you are referring to but I think it is the one of the swimming pool and behind it is a row of chaise lounge chairs and then the lake. It is the swimming pool water that is so blue. Thanks for writing. Patricia

  3. Yes, now I see they are chaise lounges. From the perspective it is taken from, the pool looks REALLY big.

  4. Hi Pat, Yes, it is a beautiful pool too. They won't let you swim in it unless you pay that 100 dollars a night to stay there. A real shame..Thanks for writing again. Patricia