Monday, November 1, 2010

The External vs. Internal Realities

I am still in my little casita. I know everything here by heart. The most exciting moment of the day was when I saw a scorpion in my other room. It was close enough for me to reach with the mop and I pounded on it until I was sure it was dead. I couldn't reach down to throw it away. I had to call my landlord here to do that for me.

Other than that, it has been an internal kind of day, sitting here for hours trying to figure things out on my computer. I like doing computer work  but I also like to exercise. I really miss my walks and I think Chico does too.  I don't know how people can sit in front of the computer all day long without going crazy.  I feel like I went crazy today with all those computer hours.

I have no insights. I have nothing but a huge headache. Some days are like that. The days are shorter now because the clocks were set back. The sun is already starting to go down and I don't think it is much after seven p.m. I have no idea of what time it is now. My watch is in the other part of my room and that takes some thought to get over in that direction. Everything takes time and thought. So, you can see the big excitement was the scorpion. That is the second one I have found here in the last week or so. My landlord says it is time to spray my casita. I will have to sit in the yard until it airs out. I will be forced to go out there even though I am afraid of falling and hurting myself again.

I am becoming a big baby here. It has been over three weeks since my surgery. The doctor said the first three weeks were the worst. Maybe it will get easier from now on. I sure hope so. Again I thank all of you for continuing to write to me.  The Day of the Dead holiday has already started. Lots of fireworks and right now I hear drums in the distance. It is very noisy around town these days. I am missing it all.....


  1. I look forward every day to reading about your progress. Last year I fell and broke my hip and femur. You would never know it now. I'm sure you'll be up and about in no time and good as new. My thoughts are with you.
    Betty in Dallas, OR

  2. Three weeks, your out of the woods. An x-ray would show bone growth, a little milky looking stuff between the broken parts-progress...

  3. Hi Betty, Thank you for your good wishes. You know what I am going through... But your accident sounds far worse than mine.... Thanks, Patricia

  4. Thank you Norm, The doctor told me that the first three weeks are the hardest. I am going in for an x ray on Thursday. Thank you for writing. It is nice to know there are people out there......Thanks, P

  5. The temp here in MD is 42 with frost on the pumpkin. You can be thankful it is nice and warm where you are.
    Next year this will all be a memory
    Ken from Baltimore

  6. I am also thankful for your thoughtful message. I have to remember the good things, Thanks, P