Saturday, November 13, 2010

El Parque and Getting Better

El Parque is an interesting area. It is a gated community with 114 homes. They are all beautiful and well made. But close together. I can hear parties all around me. I don't mind. I like to hear people having fun. I have been a shut in for so many weeks that I have lost my interest in joining in anything outside. I can now understand how that can happen to people. All my life I have been active and an outside person. Now I am experiencing the other side of the coin. I can understand why some people prefer not to go out into the world. You have no control out there.

My mother was always an inside person. I would go sit under the trees and read and then swim and she would watch television. She never understood that part of me and I never understood that part of her. Funny how opposite we were in so many ways. But now I do appreciate her desire to be in her own house where she felt safe.

She always asked me why I would want to be subjected to the elements, or the bugs outside. She wanted to be in control of her environment.  I know now why. Bad thinks can happen out there.   Once my ankle heals I know I will go back to my old lifestyle. I will want to get out and see the parades again. I heard there will be a parade here on Monday. Another holiday. There are so many of them here. It is fun.

 At least it WAS fun when I could walk.... I know I will be walking again soon. I no longer have to wear that huge half cast with gauze wrapped all around my leg. Now I have on a very small jell cast just around my ankle. When I fell into the lake, the man who came to my rescue gave it to me. He said he had broken his ankle six weeks earlier. And he was well enough to help me into my casita. I am looking forward to walking again and going to his house to thank him and his Mexican neighbors for saving me that day.  Pretty soon I will be out and taking photos again. Maybe I will be well enough to enjoy the holidays.   I think they have a big Thanksgiving dinner in the club house here in El Parque and they have one at the Lake Chapala Society.....I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. Thank you all again for going through this ordeal with me. I still can't put any pressure on my bad ankle for another week and a half but I don't have to take all those pain pills. It is great to start feeling Human again.


  1. Hi Pat,
    So glad to hear that you are feeling better, hope you are enjoying the sunshine on the porch, you will be up and out in no time now ! Let us know if you need anything.
    Cheryl & Billy

  2. Thank you Cheryl and Billy, You two have been such great helpers. I can never thank you enough. With much love and appreciation. Your friend, Patricia