Monday, November 22, 2010

Interesting Visitors

Yesterday a new friend, Joan came to visit. My friend Lamar also came and he brought hot dogs, cheese and buns for lunch. Joan lives in Salem, Oregon and before she came down she asked if I needed anything. I told her I needed my computer power cable from my son's house. She was going to Portland to shop and she stopped by his house twice to get it for me. Then when she brought it here, I was sure it was the wrong cord because of no plug. It had traveled a long ways with her. But later on in the day, I saw that the plug comes out of the old cord that I squashed and it fits right into the new one. What a relief. It was an interesting day. She lived in India for a year and Thailand for two years and she is thinking of retiring here. Also Sara, the cat, caught a lizard which we had to rescue twice from her. I hope she doesn't find him again. That is not a very smart lizard to continue hanging around the same area after being captured twice.

Pat at Sunset

Ray at Sunset
The above photos were taken by my friends Pat and Ray Hudson last night on the Malecon in Ajijic. The full moon drumming party. It looks like they had fun. Wish I could have joined them. 

Today Pat came by and brought a delicious cheese cake for me. We had coffee and we talked. She went to a full moon party last night, a drumming circle. She sent me photos which she said I could use on my blog today. I could hear them from my house in El Parque, or maybe it was another drumming circle. Lots of parties are going on this time of the year. Parades, parties, etc.....But I am still stuck in my chair. Thank you Pat for letting me use your lovely photos.  And for visiting with me.

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