Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Reaching Out

I have not written much lately. I have been too depressed to reach out. I know others don't like to hear about my problems. Everyone has a personal hell world to have to deal with and it is difficult to hear of the hell worlds of others. So I have not been writing. But people keep writing to me and being so kind. I want to thank you all. It means so much to me.  The holidays will be here soon. Maybe I will be well enough to do some of the fun things around here. But mostly I am going to try not to write until I am less depressed. Thanks so much for all the love that has been coming into my life from this blog. I am sorry I can't return it at the moment. I am too sad.......


  1. Dear Patricia,

    I think writing will help you. What you're going through is natural; yet we know you know it WILL pass (and you'll be gently berating yourself for "allowing" yourself to be depressed once you're back on your feet....;-) We all do it.)

    I'm mostly writing to say how much I admire you and enjoy your blog. To move to another country by yourself, to always be going out and about, to be so honest about your feelings on your blog -- you amaze me! Your blog is in my top five.

    I think of you every day and hope your foot is getting better exponentially every day so that you can get outside again to enjoy your beloved Ajijic and Lake Chapala. (And I can get my "fix" of your wonderful photos.)

    Just know that you're admired by many and so many of us wish you nothing but the best. My heart goes out to you as you struggle to stay upbeat. Remember, just a few more days, just a few more days, just a few more days...

    Warmest regards, always,


  2. Hi Jean, Your comment brought tears to my eyes. This being alone and stuck inside all the time has really brought me down. But I know you are right. I just have to start working on getting my foot flexible again. Friends have come by and that really helps. And notes like yours help too. Thank you. Patricia