Thursday, May 16, 2013

Morning Walk to the Pasteleria Francesca, AGAIN

On the right is Patrice, one of the owners.
This is becoming a habit. Not good for the diet but delicious.
This is Ivette.
I love to walk with the dogs to this French bakery. Is it in West Ajijic on the carretera. They are open Monday through Saturday from nine am to five pm. Their phone number is: 331 840 1109. It is fun in the mornings to listen to them speaking French. The owners are Patrice and Sophie. Patrice doesn't speak any English.


  1. Hi Pat:
    Living in Montreal there is no shortage of great French pastry shops and I often speak French here. My whole family is bilingual having lived here all their lives. Good croissants made with butter are yummy.

    P :)

    1. Hi P, Thanks for commenting. the croissants here are very flaky. The dogs loved those little flakes. P