Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning thoughts, House sitting

I am at a house sitting job in West Ajijic. I thought I had brought everything I would need but when I went to put photos on the blog, I couldn't find my connector. I left it at home which is on the other side of town. My intention was to stay here the entire time and not return to my casita. So unless I change my mind and decide to spend half a day on a trip back there, no photos until the 19th.

My friend Leslie is taking care of Chico. She wrote that he was missing me but I know he loves her and her dog and three cats. Three cats now because she hasn't found a home for the black kitten, Ivy. Ivy is growing strong and she is very brave. 

There are two little dogs here. They follow me everywhere and sleep on the bed. One sleeps under the covers like Chico likes to do. Fortunately, it is a very large bed. It is a beautiful home with a community pool. I swam in the evening yesterday.  Not a bad life. Like a little vacation for me but I am sorry that I forgot my connector.

It is still hot here in the afternoons. The mountains are dry and the lake is low. It will be nice when the rains come. I am going to Portland for seven weeks this summer. It will be the longest I have ever stayed with my son and daughter-in-law. I will be house sitting for them for half of that time. There is also a nice pool within walking distance of their home. This year I won't miss their community yard sale. I am looking forward to that. I have all those new shelves to fill up. 


  1. Hi Pat:
    Oh doesn't it make you annoyed with yourself when you forget a necessary cable for a computer. I was looking forward to photos of the area where you are house sitting. I can wait and view them after the 19th :).
    It is great news that that Ivy found a forever home.

    1. HI Pat, Good to her from you I found that cord so when I get the energy I will take photos of this area and put them on the blog. Leslie is still hoping to find a forever home for Ivy. P