Monday, May 6, 2013

Cat at My Window

This is the pioneer cat that started the ritual of feeding cats in the morning. I found out, after feeding her for a year, that she lives down the street. She is the only tame one in the bunch. Chico has finally gotten used to her and doesn't chase her anymore. She is here almost every morning and she is very patient. It took her a long time to train me to feed her. Several years. But she finally won out. She knows who is in control in this relationship. She has no worries about that.


  1. what a cutie! i love cats and dogs. yesterday i told steve that i had been kissed, he said, was it a jack russell? up. i also got to pet a chow and 3 scoties. love my walks along the river as that is when i have most of my "animal contact". the warm weather is bringing out the cats too. i need to buy some food for them.

    good luck with the tooth. hope the cap stays on. going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do. good thing you saw one who was honest and din't give you all those expensive options.


    1. Thank you for commenting Teresa, I thought of you when I wrote about feeding all the local stray cats, and how when you first went to Japan you fed the wild cats in the park. I know how much you love the animals. Your long distance friend, p