Sunday, May 5, 2013

Morning Thoughts--Furniture Pt. 2

 The wooden furniture arrived yesterday afternoon. It took two strong men and two truck loads to get it all in here. Referring back to my previous post on furniture, silk purse--sow's ear.
It would look great if my rooms were three times their size or if I had four rooms instead of two. But it isn't and I don't.  So I either get used to it or sell a piece or two. For now, I will try to live with it. I have to buy some oilcloth and put it on the many shelves. Most of them are empty but I am going to the States in a few week. I am sure I will be able to fill them up when I return.

Grand total for all this furniture was a little over a thousand dollars. The chair was the most expensive, three hundred dollars. I have never spent that much on anything down here. (Except my operations.) But I see it as an investment. One day if I have to move, I can take it all with me and maybe then I will be in a larger place. But for now, since I can't move and take Chico, I will continue living here in this over crowded two room casita. Because my rent is so cheap, I figure I can afford to buy nice furniture.  The post below has photos of it.

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