Saturday, May 18, 2013

Morning Thoughts--Home Again

I am back in my two room casita. One of the downsides of living in these beautiful homes is having to live like this again. Everything together in two rooms. With all these new shelves it will at least be easier to find things.

The wild cats that I have been feeding are still coming around. The youngest looks like she hasn't had anything to eat since I left. I was hoping that while I was gone, they would have given up on me and found someone else to feed them. Instead, they went hungry and I feel guilty.  (I can't feel sorry for myself for living like this. Many Mexican families live in just one room. Entire families. Instead of feeling envious of me, they would probably feel sorry for ME because I live alone.)

My herbs have dried up. The outside table and chairs are decorated with bird drippings. Jackson Pollock masterpieces. It looks like today is a good time to reclaim my home.  Chico was practically doing back flips, he was so excited to see me.

I hadn't been into the main part of town for nine days and last night when I was riding home I felt like I had been gone for months. I hadn't realized how much I missed the activity of town. It is very quiet out in that gated community. I spent a lot of time watching television. And cleaning up after myself. As I said in a previous post, they have high standards. It takes a lot of work to keep a house looking perfect.

One thing about living in a gated community, it could be anywhere in the world and still look the same. Beautiful and generic. The pool was nice. Wish I had one.

I leave for the States soon. Time to gather up all the gifts I am planning on buying for the people I love. Earrings made out of coconut shells, a hammock, scarves, etc. I will have a suitcase full of gifts.  I wish I could pack all of Mexico into my suitcase so I could share it with my loved ones. Imagine this, you open a suitcase and are immediately standing in the Wednesday Market with all the vendors calling out and the wonderful smells and colors surrounding you. I love Mexico....... I am also glad to be back to my humble casita again. HOME SWEET HOME.

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