Monday, May 27, 2013

Morning Thoughts-- Change

Things are mess in my life at the moment. I have had to abandon my little casita because I have no water.  I don't know if it can be fixed or not but the landlady is refusing to do it. That means I will have to pay for installing a tanque on my roof and if it is too expensive, I will move out. For now, I have been living in a friend's apartment in town. Interesting place. Years ago, Jerry Garcia lived there. And also painters have lived in it. It has a beautiful living room and lots of light. It is just around the corner from the Plaza. Only problem is the noise. Especially on weekends. Last Saturday there was a band playing until three in the morning. So no sleep for me that night. Lots of traffic goes by on that street.

I have also not had internet access. I am back to my casita for the morning. I may move back here until I go to Portland. I guess I can get buckets of water from the yard. At least it is quiet here.

I haven't answered any comments or e mails. Hopefully, I can do that now. If I don't fall asleep at the computer. I woke up at three a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. So I am either going to sleep at three a.m. or getting up at three a.m. I am too old for this stuff. No wonder I don't want to travel.


  1. dear pat,

    sorry to hear that things are difficult right now. we all go through our ups and down. hopefully the water tank will get fixed and you won't have to worry about moving. if you do have to move, God willing it will go smoothly. have faith although i know that is easier said than done.

    take good care of yourself.

    teresa in nagoya

    1. Hi Teresa, Thank you for your kind words.... I am going back to my casita today, water or no water.... P

  2. Is the water problem just for the casita?

    If the problem is the water pump, how does replacing the tank fix that?

    1. The water problem seems to be just for the casita. I have water now but I have no idea of how long it will last. Or maybe, just maybe, the repair men were exaggerating this problem in order to get more work? Hard to tell. I am crossing my fingers. Thanks for commenting. P