Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yves' Restaurant

The owner, Yve
Painting Yves' Father did of Vino Blanco in the woven blankets
Yves' father made this for the postal service
The restaurant is filled with Yves' father's paintings
Yves' great uncle created the Statue of Liberty in France and it was shopped to America
Many of the paintings are of the inside or rocks or trees
part of the large salad bar
Dogs are welcome, smoking too.
You can't beat the view


  1. Hi - have you ever noticed that on the other end of Yves' building, there is a "For Sale" sign? I asked him about it, and the whole building is for sale. There is an apartment on the second floor. I told him I could be his landlord if I bought it. Such a terrific location. It actually is about the same price as lots of the houses in town, approx $289,000. (Not to be confusing, the building is being sold by his landlord - the restaurant is staying right where it is.)

    1. Hi Pat, Thank you for that information. I hadn't noticed the for sale sign. I'll just get out my check book...... Hope all is well in your world. P