Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mugging near LCS

Heads up, my neighbor was mugged around 5:30 yesterday evening on the road beside LCS walking back from Yves to her car.  She was with a friend, ready to open the passenger car door and a very nicely dressed man, dark wraparound sunglasses walked up and shoved her hard on her right shoulder forcing her to hit the side of the car, grabbed her shoulder bag and ran back toward the lake.  Her shoulder and knee are very sore today but fortunately nothing serious and not much in her purse.  She said she and her friend screamed very loudly but no one at LCS or Yves said they heard her.  Yves called the cops and they were there within minutes and have been here at the apartments twice today.  She's obviously shaken up by the incident.  
Just want my friends to never slack up being alert and aware.  I know I have walked down that same street by myself many times going to Yves or to salsa lessons.

I received the above e mail this morning. Not good news. I have heard of several incidents around LCS. People are coming in now for the winter and it is a perfect opportunity for muggers..... Please be careful......


  1. You can never be too careful, no matter where you are! Thank heaven she didn't have much in her purse.

  2. Hi Donna, Thanks for commenting. Yes, it is good that she didn't have much in her purse. But her sense of security has been shaken. That is the most important thing anyway. P