Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lake Chapala Society in the Late Afternoon

One lone musician at the Lake Chapala Society. He said that he was waiting for others to show up but they hadn't for several weeks. They usually meet there on Weds. in the late afternoon to play and sing together. It is fun to listen to them--when they show up. Maybe they will come as the high season kicks more into gear. The offices at LCS and the library all close at two in the afternoon but the grounds stay open until five. After two is the best time to visit the gardens because it is quiet. The mornings are starting to get hectic once again. People flooding in to visit with old friends, check out the board for rentals and pay their yearly membership fees.

I started an I pad class yesterday. Finally learned how to turn it on. I have had it for a year. I get so frustrated with electronics. This class is a a real challenge for me.

The Wednesday market was very busy yesterday because there are so many more people in town now. I like the increased energy but it makes shopping more difficult. Especially on the cobblestone street. One misstep could mean another trip to the hospital for me.

One topic of conversation here is wondering if there will be as many winter people coming this year, because of the violence that has been going on down here. I believe it will be just as busy. Until they find a carload of cut up expat bodies, people will still come.  

I have noticed that the amount of traffic on my blog has gone up. In the low season, I get about 150 hits a day. Now I am getting over 200.   That must mean that people are still thinking about coming here this winter. 


  1. Did your I Pad come from Mexico or the states? Just thinking ahead! Good to know there are classes.

  2. Hi Jennilynn, It came from the States. It was a gift from my son. P