Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Market in Ajijic

These puppies are at Anita's Animal Shelter
I got carried away with shopping this morning and didn't take many photos. Now my frig is overflowing with food that I won't be able to eat..... Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Or maybe I just like the freedom of being able to buy anything that suits my fancy. Never before in my life have I been able to afford to do that, until I moved to Mexico.
My frig.....


  1. That's a fully stocked fridge!! What's for dinner?

    1. HI Donna, Thanks for writing. Well.... I am going out to eat tonight.... What a kick. P

  2. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I plan to eat in and then at the last minute go out . . . an option with not having children to care for and being single. You have so many lovely restaurants in your area. I have really enjoyed seeing the interesting rentals. Plan on still coming, but not until next year - God willing!


  3. Hi Jennilynn, thanks for commenting. I hope you can make it down before too long. P