Monday, October 8, 2012

Visiting with My Friend Marie at the Compound

Chico loves this place


  1. The grounds are lovely - I want to live there!!

  2. HI Donna, It is a great place to live. There are rarely any vacancies because people stay for years. There may be one vacancy. It is an upstairs apt. but it is close to the street. Two bedroom, two bath plus a huge patio near the street for 450 a month.... Next time I see Marie I will ask her if it is still available. P

    1. Dang it - I'm not quite ready!! A 2-bedroom would suit me just fine, especially at that price and the location.

      I'll try and take some pics of the project by Marie's home NOB so she can see what it looks like now. But, it is hard to do with all the traffic! So, no promises!

    2. HI Donna, Thank you for writing. Don't bother taking those photos. I doubt if Marie has any interest in them. She is busy in her new life now. P