Friday, October 5, 2012

Inexpensive Rentals in Ajijic and Chapala

I often get e mails from people who are looking for inexpensive rentals in this area. I am not a rental agent. I only know of a few rentals and they book up quickly in the high season. But yesterday I saw an interesting post about two rentals in Chapala. One is a two bedroom furnished house for three hundred dollars a month and next to it is a three bedroom house for six hundred and there is a pool. Their contact numbers are: 376 765 7349 or 331 227 3493.  I called. He said they are only one block from the main street in Chapala. He also has several other inexpensive places for rent. This might be a great resource.

There are some rentals on site,  and of course there are video tours of places on the site that I write for,     This is the perfect time to find a rental, before the high season gets into full swing.   Please don't contact me about rentals. I don't have a car. I don't want to be looking for rentals for anyone.   I have enough to do for my own life survival. But I think these are good resources.... The high season will quickly be here. It is beautiful weather here now. The best of the entire year. Sunny, and not too hot. Come on down.


  1. My other friends in Mexico have always said to plan a stay at a hotel or B&B for a week, then search out short- and long-term rentals because the best rental rates aren't always advertised on the web. Your comment proves that to be true!

    1. HI Donna, That was good advice from your friend. Thanks for commenting. P