Saturday, October 13, 2012

Inexpensive Apartment for Rent in Ajijic

I saw this apartment yesterday. It is in a GREAT location. Just half a block from the water and one block from the Lake Chapala Society. Here are some photos. I am sure it is going to rent fast. It is only 350 a month. There is an area for a washer and dryer and a patio upstairs. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Light rooms, furnished but the beds need new mattresses. And a garage.

downstairs bathroom with a shower
View from upstairs patio
Area for a washing machine
Upstairs living room    

upstairs bathroom
bedroom upstairs
second upstairs bedroom
view out bedroom window
street out front
there is even a garage


  1. Do you know what street this is on? I know it's likely rented by now, but I'd like to see what $350 will get you.



    1. HI Jack, Sorry, I don't know the name of that street. But I haven't seen the sign out lately. It is probably rented. I am walking to LCS tomorrow and I will look again.... P