Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chile Relleno

Poblano Chili and Corn

I was asked about the Chile Relleno and I forgot to answer the second part of it. No, it isn't a hot Chili. Well, maybe a little hot. It all depends on the individual chili. If it has a lot of seeds, then it can be hot. Don't use the seeds if you want it to be mild.

They are usually dipped in an egg batter, stuffed with a soft cheese. and deep fried. I like to make them without cheese and not deep fried. I stuff them with veggies and then steam them in my steamer. This isn't a traditional way to cook them but it is healthier.

I had a poblano chili and corn soup at La Nuevo Posado and it was delicious. I am going to try making that. It is in a creamy base. I will use lactose free milk.

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